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Introduction to Dentistry Seminar – May 2024
Join us to talk about all things Dentistry! Following the success of our Introduction to Medicine Seminars,...
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Ace Ai Learning Blog Post
Considering using AI as part of your studying? Here are some considerations for this new tool.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming numerous industries, and education is one of the fields...
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Introduction to Medicine Seminar – May 2024
Are you thinking about becoming a Doctor? It’s that time of year again – Our Introduction to Medicine...
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HSC Review and Preparation Course 2024
Learn more about ACE’s 2024 HSC Review and Preparation Course! School trial exams will be here...
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Acing The UCAT: 5 Tips To Improving your Situational Judgement Scores in the UCAT
What Is The Situational Judgement Section In The UCAT? The UCAT exam (previously known as the UMAT)Β ...
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What To Consider When Choosing Your HSC Subjects To Maximise Your ATAR
In the journey from high school to university, making strategic choices can make all the difference....
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Unlocking Science Success in Year 11 and 12: ACE HSC Tuition's Year 10 Science Course.
Why You Should Set Yourself Up For Success Early Science is widely regarded as one of the most challenging...
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Summer Study: How To Prepare for HSC Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Over The Summer.Β 
Excelling in your HSC Year 11 and 12 mathematics, chemistry, and physics exams in Australia requires...
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Healthy Habits To Start Now: How To Set Yourself Up For HSC Success In 2024
Stress is a natural response to your pre-exam break before exam day. While you cool your nerves at home,...
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Stress is Natural: ACE Advice For Coping With Your Final HSC Exam Stress And Not Overdoing It
Stress is a natural response to your pre-exam break before exam day. While you cool your nerves at home,...
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A Consolidated HSC Study Guide for Years 11 and 12
If you haven’t already worked out a good study plan for your HSC course subjects, then read on for our...
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Economics Applied: Preparing For The Exam Through Alternative Media Resources
ACE HSC Tuition highlights methods of comprehending and processing examples of economic theory as a part...
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Getting Off On The Right Foot With Your Biology Exam
At ACE HSC tuition, we know how important the biology exam is for students looking to achieve a science...
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Quantifiable Reasoning: What is the best method for taking the HSC Physics Exam?
Study groups are an important and effective way to stay motivated and organised whilst studying.
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How is the UCAT Scored?
What is the UCAT? The University Clinical Aptitude Test, or UCAT, is a standardised test used by universities...
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The importance of starting HSC tutoring in Year 11
The leap from Year 10 to Year 11 in Australian Schools is both critical for their futures and potentially...
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Improving at Abstract Reasoning in the UCAT
Abstract Reasoning within the UCAT tests key skills in visual pattern recognition and efficient application...
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How to improve at Situational Judgement in the UCAT
Situational Judgement is a unique section of the UCAT exam in which ethical and moral scenarios in university,...
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Decision Making in the UCAT
Questions in the Decision Making section of the UCAT assess your ability to apply logic to reach a conclusion...
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How to get faster at Quantitative Reasoning in the UCAT
Questions in the Quantitative Reasoning UCAT sections are multiple choice, and are designed to assess...
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What is the hardest part of the UCAT?
One of the most fascinating aspects of the UCAT is that there is such a mixed bag of questions. Some...
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How to prepare for the UCAT
Anyone who wants to pursue a health related course of study at university, such as medicine or dentistry,...
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What are the different UCAT Sections?
One of the biggest challenges facing candidates sitting the UCAT ANZ is the broad range of questions...
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5 Tips to ACE your UCAT Exam
UCAT is a highly competitive examination, and so thorough preparation that enables you to perform at...
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Why UCAT Past Papers are essential for your preparation
Although a similar form of test has been used in the UK for a number of years, the introduction of the...
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Make the most of the UCAT Practice Test
A key to success in the UCAT test is the ability to answer questions with both speed and accuracy. The...
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The Analytical Skills Required for a Practical Exam
We all know that practical exams are literal nightmares. The uncertainty of not knowing what you are...
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Importance of Research and Referencing
The HSC Science subjects were changed dramatically in 2018, with the new depth studies forming a huge...
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What's an Abstract
Depth studies are quite complex and many of you will have limited examples or assistance from your teachers...
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Using the old syllabus to prepare for the new syllabus
Even though the current syllabus is quite new, there are plenty of older syllabus resources that are...
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50% of all NSW Chem State Ranks!

A huge congratulations to our State Ranking Chemistry students this year!

  • Jason Phan #1 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Tina Ouyang # 4 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Peter Zhao #7
  • Emily An #8
  • Sherry Jiang #9
  • Hasan Ali #9
  • Faiyaaz Karim #15 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Kayla Jung #17
  • Ryan Kim #19
  • Joshua Koh #19
  • Classes re-start in January, please book in now to secure your place!