About Us


A tuition college focused on the needs of motivated students

About Us

ACE was founded in 2010 by Christine Zhang, Alex Zhang and Lakshman Nirthanakumaran.

Between them, these three James Ruse Graduates and young UNSW Medical Students had worked at a number of existing tuition colleges. Reflecting on these experiences, they felt frustrated at the high fees being charged to parents for tutors to simply chase homework and lecture their classes using poor quality resources.

Their belief – That tuition should build on and stretch the experience students were receiving at school, not imitate it, and other centers were failing to do this.

Their goal – Was to build a tuition centre for motivated students like themselves, who were striving for top marks and needed genuine coaching and excellent resources to help push them towards their goals.

So, in late 2010 they created a program that fast tracked theory and placed a focus on questions and examination technique. Since then, the top students in the state have come to be guided by ACE’s team of outstanding tutors, who have all excelled in their own studies and are motivated to help others do the same.

Our Founders

Christine Zhang
James Ruse – Class of 2008 Dux

Doctor of Medicine – UNSW
Emergency Medicine Resident and
Anaesthetics Registrar

Alex Zhang
James Ruse – Class of 2006 Dux

Bachelor of Medicine and
Bachelor of Surgery – UNSW
Otolaryngology (ENT) Surgeon

Lakshman Nirthanakumaran
James Ruse – Class of 2006

Doctor of Medicine – UNSW
Senior Resident Medical Officer (ER)
and Senior leader at Delivery Associates, global public sector advisory group



Our experienced teachers are top performers. They explain concepts clearly to ensure students understand every lesson


Detailed theory booklets and a comprehensive online portal provide students with everything they need to excel

Exam Practice

Termly Exams and our Term 5 HSC Exam Program ensure students can tackle any exam question by focusing on the marking criteria

A Helping Hand

Community scholarships which make a difference


At ACE HSC, we have always believed strongly that no child should miss out on receiving a high quality education due to barriers outside of their control. Over ACE HSC’s 10 years offering classes, ACE HSC has provided subsidised or free tuition to countless students. These students each had outstanding potential, but for one reason or another their families did not have the means to gain access to high quality private tuition.

In 2021, in order to extend this offering to more students who otherwise may miss out on achieving their full potential, we are excited to formalise this commitment to our community by launching the ACE Equity Scholarship Program. Each scholarship will provide either partial or full fee support for a student’s studies at ACE HSC.

Please note: If you know of someone in your community for whom high quality tuition is out of reach, we would love for you to refer them onto the ACE HSC team so that we can find a way to support them!

A Greener ACE

Reducing our carbon footprint

ACE HSC is here to prepare you for your future through education, but we realise that this is only one aspect of what will face you in the future. The climate we live in will also have a massive influence on the quality of your life (who needs to be reminded of the 2019 bushfires?)

So, at ACE HSC, we are taking steps to tackle climate change, in our own small ways. We encourage you to come and chat to us about it and put in your ideas too. Who says you can’t make an impact!

Our Paper & Printing

So far, we have:

  • Sourced paper only using trees from sustainably grown forests (PEFC-certified)
  • Ensured the carbon emissions from making the paper have been offset in the process
  • Made sure our printer ink and cartridges are from carbon neutral sources

and we’re working on:

  • Bringing recycled paper into the mix
  • Fully recycling all the waste paper we generate

Green Energy

So far, we have:

  • Signed up with a carbon neutral energy retailer, who offsets all the emissions associated with our electricity usage
  • Incorporated the sourcing of greenpower, which uses our electricity bills to fund the building of renewable energy

and we’re working on:

  • Identifying where we use most of our energy and reduce what we can by using technology and changing our behaviours


ACE HSC is a proud sponsor of MAYA Youth in Performing Arts

ACE HSC is proud to be a Gold Partner of the 2021 MAYA Performing Arts Program! We are looking forward to their annual production in July.

Find out more about MAYA at their Facebook page.

50% of all NSW Chem State Ranks!

A huge congratulations to our State Ranking Chemistry students this year!

  • Jason Phan #1 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Tina Ouyang # 4 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Peter Zhao #7
  • Emily An #8
  • Sherry Jiang #9
  • Hasan Ali #9
  • Faiyaaz Karim #15 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Kayla Jung #17
  • Ryan Kim #19
  • Joshua Koh #19
  • Classes re-start in January, please book in now to secure your place!