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Course Overview

While our Year 10 Science course addresses all of the key areas of the Stage 5 Syllabus – it also goes beyond this by placing significant focus on preparing students for success in Years 11 and 12.

Introduction to higher order Year 11 and 12 concepts

ACE classes typically go beyond the basics of the Stage 5 NESA syllabus. The goal of our classes is to expose students to foundational concepts from each of the core HSC Science Subjects (Particularly Chemistry, Physics and Biology) to help prepare them for these challenging subjects.


Guiding subject selection based on real experience

Choosing the right subjects for Years 11 and 12 can be daunting. By helping students understand where their interests and strengths lie within the diverse Year 10 Science course, tutors help guide their students to make the best possible choices for their academic success in Years 11 and 12.

Key Topics

The Physical World

Summary: This area focuses on the principles and applications of physics. It covers concepts like motion, forces, energy transformations, electricity, and magnetism. Students learn about the laws governing the physical world, how to apply these laws to solve problems, and how these concepts influence everyday life.

Related HSC Subject: Physics. The foundational knowledge from the Physical World topic directly supports the advanced concepts and applications students will encounter in HSC Physics.

The Chemical World

Summary: This area is centered on chemistry and involves the investigation of the properties, composition, and reactivity of substances. Topics include atomic theory, chemical reactions, the periodic table, acids and bases, and the principles of chemical bonding.

Related HSC Subject: Chemistry. The Chemical World topics are essential for understanding the more advanced concepts in HSC Chemistry, including details of important chemical reactions, molecular interactions, and the application of chemistry in various fields.

Earth and Space

Summary: This topic explores Earth’s dynamic structure, its place in the universe, and the various celestial bodies and phenomena in space. Key areas include geological processes, plate tectonics, the solar system, and the study of the universe.

Related HSC Subject: Earth and Environmental Science (EES). The Earth and Space topic lays the groundwork for the more specialized and detailed study of Earth’s systems, resources, and the environment, as well as astronomical phenomena in HSC Earth and Environmental Science.

The Living World

Summary: This section delves into biology, encompassing the study of life, ecosystems, evolution, and genetics. It covers the structure and function of living organisms, the diversity of life, and the interactions between organisms and their environments.

Related HSC Subject: Biology. The Living World provides a solid foundation for HSC Biology, where students delve deeper into the complexities of biological systems, processes, and the continuity of life.

Working Scientifically Skills

Mastering ‘Working Scientifically Skills’ in Year 10 is crucial for excelling in HSC science subjects. This aspect of the Stage 5 Science syllabus introduces students to scientific inquiry, experimentation, problem-solving and critical thinking.

These skills are heavily assessed across all HSC science subjects, making them indispensable for students aiming for top performance in their senior years. Our focus ensures students are not just knowledgeable but adept at applying science in any context, setting the stage for academic success.


Year 10 Science
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Subject Selection Seminar in Term 4

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50% of all NSW Chem State Ranks!

A huge congratulations to our State Ranking Chemistry students this year!

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