The importance of starting HSC tutoring in Year 11

The leap from Year 10 to Year 11 in Australian Schools is both critical for their futures and potentially daunting for students. Decisions based on how they want to take their education are made, and they get their first taste of independence and autonomy in deciding their own futures. While Vocational Education and Training (VET) and School-based Apprenticeships (SBAT) are both open to students, the High School Certificate (HSC) is the most common pathway chosen by students looking towards maximising their opportunities. If a student plans to attend a university, they will need an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), which is derived from their HSC scores.

While some students may view Year 11 as less important due to final scores not impacting their HSC results, we have experience in seeing that students who set themselves up with strong fundamentals from early tutoring have more success going into Year 12 and onto university. The team at ACE HSC have compiled our Top 5 reasons Tutoring is important in Year 11.

Training Study Basics

“If you study to remember, you will forget, but, if you study to understand, you will remember.”

While some students are able to coast by on raw talent and through memorisation, tutoring will teach students the true basics of effective study. Our evidence-based model teaches students to ‘Learn, Apply, Revise’; introducing concepts, giving them time and space to understand the fundamentals through problem-based classes and activities and allowing students to clarify their understanding of the content directly with a tutor. Running through this process each week sets our students up for success, letting them get used to understanding new concepts, not just memorising formulae and theories to regurgitate in a test.

Building Confidence

The feeling of getting high marks is only one aspect of confidence our students build by starting tutoring in Year 11. 

We build true confidence in our students by taking the time to teach concepts from the ground up, giving them more time to learn at their own pace outside the classroom and to ask questions when they feel like they don’t fully understand a concept. . Finally, when students receive the results of each week’s work, they are able to review one-on-one with a tutor, letting them learn from mistakes and understand where they may need further support. 

Getting ahead of the syllabus

Going into regular classes not knowing what is on the agenda can leave students feeling left behind when a new concept is introduced. Even worse, time spent catching up in class can mean less effective note-taking and not paying attention to critical concepts.

Our classes aim to stay ahead of the NSW syllabus for each subject, making sure students understand concepts before they have their in-person classes. This means students can spend their time in classes taking worthwhile notes, asking questions and tackling assignments with confidence that they understand the content they are learning. 

Real-time Feedback

Asking questions and getting feedback from normal teachers can be difficult, especially for students who are struggling to understand concepts they feel other students already know. Additionally, it can take weeks at a time to receive your results, and by that time, the content being taught has moved on, and you don’t get the opportunity to reinforce any corrections.

Our tutoring classes are smaller than traditional classes (4 to 6 students per class online and 12 to 20 per class onsite), meaning students get the opportunity to chat directly with their subject tutor, check their learning retention and learn alongside peers. If needed, our students are also able to access one-on-one sessions with tutors, letting them ensure that they understand key concepts before moving onto the next topic. Many topics covered in Year 12 are built upon those learned in Year 11, so starting early can make sure students are on the right track going into their HSC’s.

Maximising Results

Through better study habits, higher student confidence and a better relationship with learning, students that start HSC tutoring in year 11 with ACE HSC have better results than those without tutoring or those who started later. Our students are among the highest performers in the state, and gives both students and parents the peace of mind that they are able to set themselves up for success into university.

Would you like to learn more about our Year 11 HSC tutoring? We’ve got tutors and classes covering physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, economics and UCAT, available both in person and online, letting our students learn at their own pace. Call ACE HSC on (02) 9874 7045, email us or make an enquiry

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