How to prepare for the UCAT

Anyone who wants to pursue a health related course of study at university, such as medicine or dentistry, is required to sit UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test), the test that has been developed as part of the entry procedure to study for these careers at Australian universities.

The UCAT test is unique and is different in its content and structure to anything students will have done in secondary education, and so focused UCAT preparation is required.

UCAT preparation also requires forward planning, as you not only have to allow yourself sufficient practise and preparation time, but also to make sure that you adhere to all the relevant dates re: registering for the test, booking your place, and sitting the exam during the specified period.

Prepare for UCAT using extensive Question Banks

The key to UCAT preparation is to practise the specific types of questions that you will encounter, and so to do this effectively you need access to a Question Bank that has a sufficient number of appropriate, high quality practise questions for you to attempt.

We have partnered with Medify so that all ACE HSC students have access to Medify’s huge practise bank consisting of more than 20,000 UCAT questions that have been written by specialists and enable you to practise in all five subtest areas. In addition to Medify’s Question Bank, ACE HSC’s own UCAT Question Bank of over 3800 questions (including 12 full Trials) can help bolster your knowledge.

Using these Question Banks, you also have the opportunity to undertake complete mock tests under exam conditions, the ideal preparation for what can be a highly challenging examination. ACE HSC tutors are able to assist at any step, making sure you are fully supported.

UCAT Preparation Tips

UCAT is very different to any other exams you will encounter, and so you need to be familiar with the overall structure and style of the test, and what is required.

For instance, we always recommend that you take the time to understand the specific requirements of the five different subtests. These examine different areas of ability and so you need to have a sense of what is being asked of you in each.

We also recommend undertaking as many practise questions as possible; however, it is important that as you do this, you also take the time to honestly and realistically assess any areas of weakness and work specifically to address them.

Another important tip is to undertake complete mock exams under test conditions as often as you can. UCAT is demanding not only on the breadth of knowledge required, but also the fact that you have to answer 233 questions in 2 hours, so working under time pressure is critical.

Our formula for success in preparing for UCAT

One of the many benefits of UCAT preparation with ACE HSC is that you are given regular and frequent opportunities to undertake practise tests under exam conditions with our Fortnightly Trial Exam program.

After each trial exam, we provide students with detailed statistics regarding your own performance, as well as how you are performing in relation to the entire ACE HSC cohort, so you are effectively able to compare how well you are doing in comparison with others also sitting the test.

UCAT Preparation with ACE HSC

We are here to guide you through the entire UCAT preparation process, with a team of specialist tutors who have previously supported large numbers of students to prepare with great success.

In addition, as a ACE HSC student, you get a Full Season Pass to access the renowned Medify question bank. This means you have the chance to practise a huge range of questions and gain confidence in all of the subtest areas. You also get access to our own UCAT Question Bank, allowing you access to an additional 3800+ questions where your ACE HSC UCAT tutor will help guide you through questions and answers.

In addition, with our Fortnightly Trial Exam program, you not only get regular opportunities to practise under exam conditions, but also to receive feedback that enables you effectively to track your progress.

Call ACE HSC on (02) 9874 7045, email us or make an enquiry if you want to find out more.

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