What are the different UCAT Sections?

One of the biggest challenges facing candidates sitting the UCAT ANZ is the broad range of questions that are required to be answered in a limited period of time.

You need to be able to respond quickly and accurately across a variety of different UCAT sections, which can be extremely daunting if you are not prepared and unfamiliar with how the test is organised and structured.

However, it is possible to familiarise yourself with the different sections and the discrete challenges each presents well in advance.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect from the UCAT sections, and how you can prepare to tackle them.

The five different UCAT sections

Overall, the UCAT consists of 225 questions that need to be answered in two hours. However, these questions are divided into five separate UCAT sections, each with its own distinct character and requirements, and placing different demands on candidates.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning UCAT section contains a variety of different questions, including true/false questions, direct questions and incomplete statements, with the aim of testing a candidate’s ability to make inferences, evaluations and value judgements. We focus on how to read and interpret passages quickly and effectively. Eliminating wrong options is essential and we cover how to identify the common reasons answer options are wrong.

Time: 21 minutes
Questions: 44
Time per question: 28 seconds

Decision Making

This UCAT section requires candidates to interpret information that is presented in a variety of forms, including both verbal and visual, in order to test their ability to use logic and reasoning skills to solve puzzles. We teach you how to analyse information in graphs and figures. And also how to interpret the quantitative and qualitative information you often encounter. This produces informed and defensible decision making.

Time: 31 minutes
Questions: 29 questions
Time per question: 24 seconds

Quantitative Reasoning

Questions in the Quantitative Reasoning UCAT sections are multiple choices, and are designed to assess candidates’ ability to comprehend and respond to abstract and practical mathematical concepts and processes. We teach techniques to perform rapid and accurate calculations. Our UCAT Online Simulator familiarises you with the UCAT calculator, an important tool in this section.

Time: 25 minutes
Questions: 36
Time per question: 41 seconds

Abstract Reasoning

In the fourth of the UCAT sections, the questions are framed in four different ways, and aim to test a candidate’s ability to identify patterns and sequences, and create and/or disregard hypotheses based on the information presented. We teach you a systematic approach to pattern recognition. Your brain learns to handle complex concepts. To help you answer questions fast, we teach you to recognise the features of common patterns.

Time: 12 minutes
Questions: 50
Time per question: 14 seconds

Situational Judgement

In the last of the five UCAT sections, candidates are assessed on their response to a variety of real-world scenarios, in terms of the appropriateness of the teamwork, professionalism, communication and risk reduction shown in each. We provide a framework for analysing ethical scenarios. You learn what is important in ethical responsibilities. We teach you the issues to look out for in this section.

Time: 26 minutes
Questions: 66
Time per question: 23 seconds

How should I tackle each section?

Although the different UCAT sections are challenging and aim to assess a candidate’s ability in diverse ways, it is nevertheless possible to practise and develop to discrete skills required.

Build your foundations

Develop your skills with a strong knowledge of the foundations.

During our UCAT Foundations term, your tutor will introduce you to the 5 sub-tests of the UCAT Exam, and provides the knowledge and strategies you need to master each of them. Understand the ins and outs of how each question type is asked, so you can efficiently process information within the timeframes.

Receive Genuine Guidance

Receive personal support and guidance from experienced mentors.

Our tutors come from some of the best medical schools in NSW. They are passionate about mentoring young students towards a successful and meaningful future in medicine. Our tutors will go through test questions and answers with you to help understand how best to pull valuable information out in order to answer correctly.

Practise, Practise, Practise

Practise consistently to develop your speed.

Your complimentary Medify Full Season Pass provides you with access to 20,000+ questions, 21 Full Practise Mocks and 40+ MiniMocks with video solutions. Getting comfortable with the format of the UCAT exam and expected timeframe to answer sections is key to ensuring you maximize your efforts. Your ACE HSC Tutor will also be able to monitor your progress and provides continual coaching.

Track Your Progress & Growth

Get real life exam experience and track your progress.

Attend fortnightly ACE HSC Trial Exams under full exam conditions, and receive detailed statistics on your performance relative to the ACE HSC cohort. This means you can track how you are performing against the best in the state.

How should I tackle each section?

When you undertake UCAT preparation at ACE HSC you have the significant advantage of being able to access question banks from Medify, the leading provider of UCAT practise tests.

Our partnership with Medify gives you a Full Season Pass, in addition to access to our own ACE HSC question bank, not to mention specialist support from some of the best and most experienced tutors in NSW.

When combined with our fortnightly Trial Exams held under exam conditions, you can track your performance against other candidates in the ACE HSC cohort. Tackle the UCAT secure in the knowledge that you are thoroughly prepared.

Call ACE HSC on (02) 9874 7045, email us or make an enquiry if you want to find out moreabout the best way in which to prepare to take on each of the different UCAT sections.

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