Why UCAT Past Papers are essential for your preparation

Although a similar form of test has been used in the UK for a number of years, the introduction of the University Clinical Aptitude Test (known as UCAT ANZ, or more often just as UCAT), is relatively recent in Australia and New Zealand.

First offered in 2019, it is the admissions test that Australian and New Zealand universities in the UCAT ANZ Consortium now use to determine entry to their medical, dental and clinical science degrees.

However, while it is relatively new in the southern hemisphere, the longer use of the exam in the UK does mean that there is a substantial body of UCAT past papers that candidates can use in preparation to sit the test.

How to effectively prepare for UCAT

The demanding nature of the test (you’re required to answer over 200 computer-based multiple choice questions in two hours) means that thorough and rigorous preparation is required. Past UCAT papers are not typically provided, however to prepare for UCAT, past paper questions are recycled into sample or trial exam papers.

However, if you are still at school and preparing for UCAT, or are attempting it on your own without guidance or support, it can be very challenging. This is why it is highly advisable to take advantage of the range of UCAT exam past papers/ sample tests that we can provide at ACE HSC, combined with our specialist support.

The notion of UCAT past exams enables you to gain an understanding of the five different sub-test areas that make up the test — Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement. Utilising past UCAT questions and sample exams also means that you get used to how much time is available for each section overall, and accordingly how much time you should devote to each question.

A further benefit to regularly using UCAT past papers and answers is that you not only learn which of your responses are correct and which aren’t, but you can also receive detailed explanations as to why you have given a wrong answer, which enhances both your overall knowledge and confidence.

Why you should sit the UCAT practice test

Sitting a sample of a UCAT test past paper will also mean that you are comfortable with the conditions under which the test is held, as these trial papers provided by ACE HSC ensure you are conditioned and prepped as if you were sitting the real UCAT examinations. In particular, practising with these questions extracted from past UCAT papers will ensure you are familiar with the multiple choice format on a computer screen, and the speed and accuracy that this requires.

Regularly attempting UCAT past papers and answers will also give you a clear indication as to which areas you are strongest in and where the gaps in your knowledge might be, vital to effective revision and preparation.

ACE HSC and Medify

One of the many benefits of preparing for UCAT with ACE HSC is that you also get a Full Season Pass to Medify, one of the leading providers of UCAT past questions, giving you access to an enormous bank of around 20,000 questions used in past UCAT papers and their questions.

When combined with our expert advice and guidance every time you sit a trial UCAT test paper, you will feel confident that you are going in to the actual test with as much preparation and practical experience as possible.

ACE HSC support for UCAT past papers

At ACE HSC, our experienced and knowledgeable team will not only provide you with expert advice and guidance, but we also give you regular opportunities to sit a sample of UCAT past papers. Every time you complete a trial UCAT past paper, our tutors will then work with you to review your responses, and provide you with personalised revision guidance based on your performance.

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