5 Tips to ACE your UCAT Exam

UCAT is a highly competitive examination, and so thorough preparation that enables you to perform at your best is essential. At ACE HSC, we have extensive experience in preparing students for the test, and so we have put together this list of UCAT tips to support you as you get ready to sit this very important exam.

UCAT Tip 1: Practise, Practise, Practise

When it comes to UCAT preparation, one of the most valuable things you can do is undertake as many practise questions as possible. The UCAT consists of five different subtests, each of which has its own specific requirements, and so it is necessary to become as familiar and confident with each of these as possible.

You need to do as many UCAT practise questions as you can!

Our UCAT Question Bank

Of course, in order to undertake practise questions, you need to have access to a UCAT Question Bank.

We provide our students with a Full Season Pass to the acclaimed Medify UCAT question bank, which contains more than 20,000 questions in all five subtests, as well as complete, fully structured tests of 233 questions that you can answer under timed examination conditions. Our tutors also monitor your Medify progress, allowing them to assist you as you work through it.

You will also be supported by your ACE UCAT Tutor, who will help and guide you to use our own UCAT Question Bank of over 3800 questions (including 12 full Trials).

Our UCAT Question Bank is broken down into:

  • Verbal reasoning: 800 questions
  • Decision making: 533 questions
  • Quantitative reasoning: 589 questions
  • Abstract reasoning: 907 questions
  • Situational judgement: 1044 questions

UCAT Tip 2: Prepare Under Test Conditions

In the exam, you have two hours to answer 233 questions in five different subtests. One of the biggest challenges, therefore, is to learn how to make the best use of your time.

Therefore, our second UCAT tip is to practise under timed test conditions as often as possible, as only then will you get a sense of the pace at which you need to proceed throughout the examination.

Our UCAT approach

We provide our students with the opportunity to sit Trial Exams every two weeks. These fortnightly practise tests feature UCAT questions and are conducted under mock exam conditions, so that you have 120 minutes in which to answer all 233 questions.

We then provide you with detailed statistics detailing not only your own performance, but also how well you are doing when compared to other students in your cohort.

UCAT Tip 3: Getting to grips with the test format

The next in our list of UCAT tips is to make sure you understand the way the exam is set out, and what skills and abilities are being tested.

Key to UCAT preparation, therefore, is to use the UCAT question bank to get to grips with the five different subtests, and how many questions you are required to answer in each:

  • Verbal Reasoning – 44 questions
  • Decision Making – 29 questions
  • Quantitative Reasoning – 36 questions
  • Abstract Reasoning – 50 Questions
  • Situational Judgement – 69 questions

UCAT Tip 4: Have A Time Management Strategy

When practising UCAT past questions, it is important to understand how long you have and the time pressure under which you have to perform.

Our ACE UCAT Tutors give you useful UCAT tips that will help you to develop an effective time management strategy, so you can feel confident that you will use your time well and perform at your best.

Strategies can vary depending on your specific strengths and weaknesses, but our skilled and experienced tutors are here to help you develop the right approach for you.

UCAT Tip 5: Effective UCAT preparation

One of the most useful UCAT tips we pass on to students is to set yourself clear, attainable goals. This is the best way of using your UCAT preparation time effectively.

For instance, set yourself targets for how many UCAT questions you tackle each day, ensuring that you allow yourself sufficient review time to identify the areas in which you are performing best, as well as those that require further work, so that you can then adjust your subsequent preparation schedule accordingly.

ACE HSC’s UCAT Tutoring Program

ACE is here to help you prepare for UCAT as thoroughly as possible. As well as our great UCAT tips, tutors are on hand to help you develop appropriate strategies, assess your performance, and identify areas of both strength and weakness.

We are also by your side, encouraging you every step of the way.

Call ACE on (02) 9874 7045, email us or make an enquiry if you want to find out more.

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