Application Seminar

Medicine Application Seminar

Welcome to ACE’s 2023 Medicine Application Seminar

Of all the medical schools in Australia, we focus on the following Universities which require a written component to the application process.

University of NSW

Session time: Sunday 27th August, 6pm – 8pm

Speakers: Nayeni Kuhasri (3rd year UNSW) and Hugo To (2nd year UNSW)

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Have you thought deeply about medicine as a career path?

What is involved?

Our seminars are centred around the following key points:

Encouraging students to think more deeply about their experiences and be able to explain themselves effectively

Advising students on thoughtful approaches to completing their application questions, with a specific focus on the ‘UNSW applications

Helping students link the thoughts and ideas in their application responses to compelling verbal responses for interviews

Each seminar is held by dedicated tutors from the ACE team who are all current Medicine Students and have helped countless other students successfully through the application process.

50% of all NSW Chem State Ranks!

A huge congratulations to our State Ranking Chemistry students this year!

  • Jason Phan #1 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Tina Ouyang # 4 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Peter Zhao #7
  • Emily An #8
  • Sherry Jiang #9
  • Hasan Ali #9
  • Faiyaaz Karim #15 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Kayla Jung #17
  • Ryan Kim #19
  • Joshua Koh #19
  • Classes re-start in January, please book in now to secure your place!