Medical studies are close to the heart of the ACE HSC team.

ACE’s UCAT tutoring team all study Medicine at Sydney’s Major Universities and our three founders are all accomplished Doctors. Medicine runs in our veins at ACE and we are proud to offer you the most comprehensive UCAT preparation course available in Sydney. Let us support you in your journey towards securing a career in Medicine!

Our UCAT course is made up of three key components, each contributing to the most comprehensive preparation program available.

  • UCAT Foundations: Available from October the year before your UCAT Exam, you can join our Foundations classes. Here, we help you to build the critical strategies you need to tackle each component of the UCAT exam.
  • Fortnightly Trial Exams and Coaching: From January, right up to the Official Exam, all students begin sitting fortnightly Trial Exams on-site (under full exam conditions) at ACE, and attend a coaching session with their Tutor to review their performance and areas for improvement. This allows us to track your performance against the ACE HSC cohort and identify where to focus your practice. 
  • Medify Question Bank: Each year we partner with Medify, the leader in online UCAT question banks, to give ACE HSC students a Full Season Pass to Medify as part of their ACE HSC enrolment. This huge set of practice questions allows you to “deep dive” into the sub tests you need to improve on, and build your question response speed.


Each year, our high-achieving cohort consistently secure offers to study Medicine at major Universities. We are proud to have many former ACE HSC students in the Medicine programmes at USyd, UNSW, WSU, JCU, and more.

Our Team

Our UCAT teachers are here to help you be the best!

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UCAT Foundations
8 Week Term Only
per term
8 Week Foundations Term
Weekly Student Resource Booklets
Online practice quizzes
Covers all 5 UCAT sub-tests
Non-ACE student pricing $1,090
UCAT Preparation
Full Course
per year
Our "Everything you need" package!
ACE 8 week Foundations Course
Access to Official ACE Mocks
Full Medify Season Pass
Non-ACE student pricing $1,890


With ACE HSC, you get the ultimate UCAT success package!

Practice UCAT questions using the best tuition techniques on the best online question bank by Medify.

Our proven approach teaches you how to approach questions efficiently with strategic intent. Next, you build your speed and accuracy with practice, practice … and more practice!

What is the best way to practice? With access to 20,000+ UCAT sample questions in Medify’s question bank with your complimentary Medify Season Pass. Here is where you hone your skills and achieve mastery for Exam day.

Your ACE HSC UCAT Tutor will be present to cheer you on, and help you stay on track. Medify provides visibility over your progress and results, so your ACE tutor can help to steer your practice and preparation towards maximum effectiveness.

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Know where you stand and get ahead – long before exam day!
It does not matter when you start your UCAT studies at ACE HSC. You get ample regular practice on UCAT practice questions under full Examination Centre conditions through our fortnightly Trial Exams.

These exams give you a unique opportunity to test yourself regularly under exam conditions on UCAT sample questions. This experience conditions you to perform at your absolute best. After every trial exam, ACE students receive detailed statistics of their performance relative to the broader ACE HSC cohort.

Want the best insight into your chances of securing a spot in Medicine?

Benchmark yourself against the ACE cohort for UCAT courses. We have tutored the brightest students from the highest-performing schools including James Ruse, North Sydney Boys and Girls, Baulkham Hills, Normanhurst and more.


Our 8-week Foundations term helps students understand and practice exactly how to approach the five unique sub-tests in the UCAT exam.

Verbal Reasoning

44 questions | 21 minutes

The ACE Approach to UCAT Prep

We focus on how to read and interpret passages quickly and effectively. Eliminating wrong options is essential and we cover how to identify the common reasons answer options are wrong.

New Ace Ucat Online Verbal E1
Ace Ucat Online Drag Drop

Decision Making

29 questions | 31 minutes

The ACE Approach to UCAT Prep

We teach you how to analyse information in graphs and figures. And also how to interpret the quantitative and qualitative information you often encounter. This produces informed and defensible decision making.

Quantitative Reasoning

36 questions | 24 minutes

The ACE Approach to UCAT Prep

We teach techniques to perform rapid and accurate calculations. Our UCAT Online Simulator familiarises you with the UCAT calculator, an important tool in this section.

Ucat Online Quantitative
Ucat Online Abstract

Abstract Reasoning

55 questions | 13 minutes

The ACE Approach to UCAT Prep

We teach you a systematic approach to pattern recognition. Your brain learns to handle complex concepts. To help you answer questions fast, we teach you to recognise the features of common patterns.

Situational Judgement

69 questions | 26 minutes

The ACE Approach to UCAT Prep

We provide a framework for analysing ethical scenarios. You learn what is important in ethical responsibilities. We teach you the issues to look out for in this section.

Ucat Online Situational


1. Build Your Foundations

Develop your skills with a strong knowledge of the foundations.

During our UCAT Foundations term, your tutor introduces the 5 sub-tests of the UCAT Exam, and provides the knowledge and strategies you need to master each of them.

2. Receive Genuine Guidance

Receive personal support and guidance from experienced mentors.

Our tutors come from some of the best medical schools in NSW. They are passionate about mentoring young students towards a successful and meaningful future in Medicine.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice consistently
to develop your speed.

Your complimentary Medify Season Pass provides you with access to 20,000+ questions. 21 Full Practice Mocks and 40+ MiniMocks with video solutions. Your ACE Tutor monitors your progress and provides continual coaching.

4. Track Your Progress & Growth

Get real life exam experience
and track your progress.

Attend fortnightly ACE Trial Exams under full exam conditions, and receive detailed statistics on our performance relative to the ACE cohort. Track how you are performing against the best in the state.

50% of all NSW Chem State Ranks!

A huge congratulations to our State Ranking Chemistry students this year!

  • Jason Phan #1 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Tina Ouyang # 4 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Peter Zhao #7
  • Emily An #8
  • Sherry Jiang #9
  • Hasan Ali #9
  • Faiyaaz Karim #15 (Teaching at ACE next year)
  • Kayla Jung #17
  • Ryan Kim #19
  • Joshua Koh #19
  • Classes re-start in January, please book in now to secure your place!