HSC Review and Preparation Course 2024

Learn more about ACE's 2024 HSC Review and Preparation Course!

School trial exams will be here before we know it, and HSC exams are just 6 months away!  However, even if Module 5 seems like a distant memory, there’s no need to stress!

If you don’t already know about our 8 week HSC Review and Preparation Courses, which are set to begin from Saturday the 11th of May, then you’ll find all the details and booking links below!

What is the HSC Review and Preparation Course and is it right for me?

ACE’s HSC Review and Preparation Courses are offered for Chemistry, Physics, and Economics and run during our May term. This timing aligns neatly with the lead up to your School HSC Trial Exams and the ACE Exam Program.

The Review and Preparation Courses consist of 8 weeks of 2.5 hour weekly lessons, which are designed around the principle of problem-based learning.

With the support of their tutor, students will review detailed summary materials addressing the major theoretical concepts from each HSC Module/Topic, then work through a variety of challenging and insightful questions to encourage active recall and consolidation of their knowledge.

The course includes a full set of ACE module/topic summary booklets, with each booklet containing an overview of the key theoretical concepts from the module, plus a rich collection of challenging exam practice questions built exclusively for ACE students. These practice questions are modelled on the emerging trends from NESA, presenting complex questions which test students’ ability to problem solve across multiple concepts and/or modules.

Exam technique will also be a key focus of each lesson. Your tutor will cover these critical skills:

  • Accurately interpreting complex questions
  • Recognising relevant concepts from across the syllabus
  • Planning your answers with consideration for marker expectations
  • Efficiently drafting and structuring your answers
  • Enhancing your ‘Working Scientifically’ skills

With lessons being a shorter 2.5 hours long, students still completing Module 8 in our standard stream will have the option to fit these classes in around their existing studies. Note: Students who do not feel ready to begin consolidating and testing their knowledge from across the syllabus should consider if they are ready to begin reviewing the full year’s content, and if personal study is a better use of their time.

Course fees and booking information

Fees, including our 5% Early Bird Discount*:

ACE Students: $790
Non-ACE students: $990

* Valid for all students who pay their invoice by their second week of class.

If you would like to join us, please complete the booking form using the button below, following the “Accelerated HSC/ HRC” class options, and secure your spot!

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