Course Description

Our HSC Chemistry course is an eight week program which runs over four terms.
For 2016 Year 12 students, the HSC Chemistry class schedule for the year is:

Term 2: Acidic Environment
16th Jan- 5th March
Term 3: Chemical Monitoring & Management
26th Mar- 14th May
Term 4: Option Topic (Industrial Chemistry or Chemistry of Art)
28th May- 23rd July
Exam Program: ALL
13th Aug- 1st Oct

Please refer to our Calendar for available class times.

HSC Chemistry

Each HSC Chemistry term will give students:

  • A thorough understanding of all course materials during the Theory component of every lesson.
  • Practise questions of that week’s content under the guidance of an experienced, highly-performing tutor during the Problem Based Class (PBC) ┬ácomponent of every lesson.
  • Revision and consolidation through practise questions of everything learnt during that term so far during the Tutorial component of every lesson.
  • The opportunity for 1-on-1 time with the tutor to ask questions and discussions about school homework, self-study and clarification of any concepts in the lesson.
  • A lesson specifically dedicated to practical activites/experiments and data processing skills each term to ensure students have a deep understanding of the relevant applications and uses of the theoretical material learnt in each topic.

What our students are saying

"I found ACE to be a really caring atmosphere with tutors who really cared! I felt entirely supported during my whole HSC journey, and it was comforting to know there were tutors at ACE who were always there if i needed anything!"

− Tanya

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