Similar to ACE’s regular HSC and Preliminary courses, we will be offering students a two week obligation-free trial where they are most welcome to come in and see whether they would like to continue with the UMAT course.


The course is 16 weeks long and split into two halves of teaching and mock UMAT exams. The teaching portion will run weekly alongside normal ACE courses on Sundays. The mock exam portion is a combination of 4 mock exams and 4 review classes which will run later in the year and closer to the actual date of the UMAT exam.

Three streams of the teaching course will run such that if students are unable to attend a lesson during the initial course, they are most welcome to attend a make-up lesson during the second and third stream of classes. The classes are a combined theory lesson for two hours and PBC (problem based class) for one hour, and are in total three hours long.

Closer towards the UMAT, we will be running UMAT Revision Seminars for Sections 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Later in the year, we will be running a FREE Medicine Application Seminar, as well as a paid Medicine Interview Preparation Course.[/vc_column_inner]