Course Description

Our HSC and Preliminary courses are divided up by topics which run for 8 weeks (HSC) and 7 weeks (Prelim). In addition, we also offer an 8 week HSC Trial Program for students to consolidate their knowledge while developing the exam techniques vital to maximising marks.

Preliminary Physics

Our Preliminary Physics course runs through the four modules, World Communicates, Moving About, Electrical Energy in the Home and Cosmic Engine throughout the year. Students are taught the introductory concepts and formulas with detail, ensuring a thorough, sophisticated understanding of the foundations of Physics.

What our students are saying

"I found ACE to be a really caring atmosphere with tutors who really cared! I felt entirely supported during my whole HSC journey, and it was comforting to know there were tutors at ACE who were always there if i needed anything!"

− Tanya

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