Course Description

A focus on developing a strong foundation in Preliminary Chemistry concepts prepares our students to confidently engage with the more advanced HSC Chemistry course.

For 2018 Year 11 students, the Preliminary Chemistry class schedule for the year is:

Term 1: Chemical Earth

20th January – 8th March

Term 2: Metals

Dates – tbc

Term 3: Water

Dates – tbc

Term 4: Energy

Dates – tbc

Exam Program: ALL

Dates – tbc

Please refer to our Calendar for available class times.

Preliminary Chemistry

Each Preliminary Chemistry term will give students:

  • A thorough understanding of all course materials during the Theory component of every lesson.
  • Practise questions of that week’s content under the guidance of an experienced, highly-performing tutor during the Problem Based Class (PBC) ┬ácomponent of every lesson.
  • Revision and consolidation through practise questions of everything learnt during that term so far during the Tutorial component of every lesson.
  • The opportunity for 1-on-1 time with the tutor to ask questions and discussions about school homework, self-study and clarification of any concepts in the lesson.
  • A lesson specifically dedicated to practical activites/experiments and data processing skills each term to ensure students have a deep understanding of the relevant applications and uses of the theoretical material learnt in each topic.

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